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Creating Lifelong Friendships Through Mutual Understanding and Respect

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Gentle Spirit Dog Training LLC provides private dog training services in Somerset and Morris counties in New Jersey.  Gentle Spirit was created to teach dog owners how to understand their dogs' behavior and to help their dogs become enjoyable family members. The methods used are fun, reward based and do not include aversive training techniques or the use of potentially harsh equipment such as choke, prong or electronic (shock) collars.  You will learn how to utilize effective dog training methods that are gentle, simple and long lasting.


We offer the convenience of private consultations in your home.  Each program is personally customized for you and your dog.  Our holistic approach considers every aspect of your dog's environment, including his or her personality, physical abilities, history and lifestyle.  This allows us to help your dog achieve his or her fullest potential.


Gentle Spirit Dog Training has been providing training and behavior counseling to our community for 20 years.  We receive referrals from veterinarians, previous clients and several trainer search listings.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you and your dog with your training and behavior needs.


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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."


                                                             Benjamin Franklin